Top 5 IT skills and tech skills for 2020

Jobs in New York portal gives a brief idea of the best IT and tech skills through this article. Take a look:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (called AI in short) has been growing and being implemented by various top firms. As one of the top IT skills and tech skills for 2020, AI will soon change the digital world with its way of functioning.

Mobile Development

With the list of New York jobs that include Mobile Development, the US is growing many new technological developments by bringing Mobile interfaces for different applications. You can now do shopping and play games on any smartphone, and on any part of the world.


Python is known to be a programming language that develops many applications that deal with both AI and mobile development. Developers passionate about working on this language have been achieving a lot for this growing world with tech trends.

Data Science

Data management and understanding has become the highest priority for any company now. And Data Scientists have become more in-demand roles. When you are in search of New York City jobs, especially as a Data Scientist, you for sure achieve it much easier compared to other occupations.

Cloud/Amazon Web Services

Data security is another area where companies have been focusing. In the current scenario, breaches are occurring very often. So many companies have come up to drive services into Cloud/Amazon Web Services (AWS) to protect the data. Individuals have also been building skills with providing these services, as pay scales are on an attractive range.