3 best paid jobs in the US

Almost all the people in search of a job find the first place in search of their pay scales. They rate themselves to be eligible for a particular salary range; however it may or may not be a reality. Jobs in New York provide all the information and check the list of the best paid jobs.

Job seekers may find this article much interesting, particularly in the field of medicine. The top 3 jobs in the US with best salaries are all related to the medical sector. And the education level you need for these jobs is a doctorate.


The physicians responsible for administering general or regional anesthesia are called Anesthesiologists. They manage pains while the surgeries or chronic illness is taking place. They inject drugs to control the pain. They have enough demand and known to be popular as New York City jobs and also in the rest of the US. Median salary of Anesthesiologist is $208,000.


They operate injuries, deformities, and diseases. They can opt to be general surgeons or gain a specialization such as cardiovascular, neurological, orthopedic, or plastic surgery. These famous New York Jobs are well spread and have great reputation across the US. Median salary of Surgeon is $208,000.

Obstetrician and Gynecologist

Reproductive health for women is the top most priority in this growing world. Obstetricians and Gynecologists have been serving for their roles and taking care of women. Obstetrics is associated with childbirth while gynecology is the field of medicine relating women’s reproductive health.  Median salary of Obstetrician and Gynecologist is $208,000.